The Nature of Isolation, presented by the Spring Creek Project: “Necklace of Lights” (watch)

The Manifest-Station: “Meditations on Desire”

Misadventures: “How to have a creative retreat”

The Daily Muse“Moving On: How To Quit Your Job With Grace”

Vidcaster’s blog: head here for all my posts, including favorites like “Why You Need Video in Your B2B Marketing”

The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon’s student newspaper
“CMU students’ work ethic battles online distractions”
“Tales from Abroad: Doha”
“Campus to Host Little Town of Bethlehem
Paper Clips Illustrate Holocaust Statistics”
“Leadership Perspectives”
“Tales from Abroad: India”
“Wood-Fired Words inspires”
Teenie Harris provides interactive experience”

Other Carnegie Mellon University publications
“An ACS Scholar’s Story”Inspire Innovation blog
“Last Word” columnCarnegie Mellon Today, the alumni magazine

Net Impact’s blog: “Reflections from a Net Impact Intern”

New Voices, the online destination for Jewish college students
“It wasn’t a Conference for Us, But We Were There.”
“500 Jews in One Room”
“Welcome to Jew Camp: Reflections of a 19-Year-Old First Timer”

Schmooze magazine: “Speak Up: Finding my Jewishness Away From Home”

PresenTense magazine: “Community Pittsburgh” (see page 8)

Deeplocal’s blog
“Writing Tomorrow’s Headlines”
“Balls to the Brits, Balls to the Yanks”

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