Zines with Index/Fist, the creative collective I co-founded. Head to Index/Fist’s website for more details.


FUTURES / September 2018 / submissions open to all, curated with Lulu Richter / the first all-color issue / interrogating what is to come / 13 contributors from across the country / cover art by Patrick Gage Kelley / exhibited at the San Francisco Zine Fest 2018



Recalculating… / July 2015 / selected submissions, curated with David Wesley Greene / 19 contributors from across the country / cover art (front & back) by Patrick Sumner / layout by Sumeet Banerji / printing by Tiny Splendor / release party at Moishe House in North Oakland

the opposite of caroline kessler index/fistThe Opposite Of  / February 2014 / curated with Janet Frishberg and Lulu Richter / featuring comics, drawings, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from 17 contributors / cover by Patrick Gage Kelley / layout by Sumeet Banerji / printing by Tiny Splendor / epic release party at The Embassy

always look a dog in the eye

Always Look a Dog in the Eye / September 2013 / created with Lulu Richter / a short zine about the 7-person bicycle trip we took from Seattle to San Francisco / includes trip planning emails, a prose poem, a blog post from our friend Ocean of Vintage Bicycle Odyssey

index/fist faultsFAULTS / August 2013 / our first submission-based journal, curated with Francesca Fenzi, Lulu Richter, and Rebecca Yates / prose, poetry, and a few drawings from 12 contributors / cover designed by Sirima Sataman of ink.paper.plate PRESS and letter-pressed by us at her studio

index/fist habits of the mouthHabits of the Mouth / April 2013 / our first curated zine, where we asked great writers & artists to send us their mouthiest work / created with Francesca Fenzi, Lulu Richter, and Rebecca Yates / prose, poetry, a comic, and a drawing on all things mouthy / cover illustration by Jesse Forman


Lingus / October 2012 / original poetry, prose, photographs, and illustrations by Lulu Richter, Francisco Grajales, and Lucy Schiller / explores how young people are navigating the ever-shifting boundaries of sex and relationships today in San Francisco / sold out

re[en]vision caroline kessler

Solo Zine / Re[en]vision: A Guide to Radically Re-imagining and Re-writing Your Poetry & Prose / inspiration from the Passion Co / poetry, drawings, and exercises about how to re-see your writing

>> Want to order any of the above? Email me: hi [at] carokess [dot] com with your name and the zines you want. All zines are $5 (except FUTURES, $8). Bike delivery in San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkeley, available (depending on time ordered), or add $2 for shipping, domestic or international.

The 18 Somethings Project

With powerhouse Janet Frishberg, I started this writing adventure in June 2013 as a means to empower others to unleash their creativity. So far, we’ve coordinated four editions of the project: June 2013, December, 2013, June 2014, and July 2015. Over 160 people in 36 cities and 5 countries have participated! For more information and to stay in the loop, head to the website to sign up for our mailing list.

The set-up is simple but the results are powerful: 18 days of timed writing, one writing partner, generous, positive feedback only.

I host one-off events in my home to foster creativity and community between artists, writers, and humans in the San Francisco Bay Area and St. Louis, MO. So far, I’ve coordinated a zine swap, three “make sh!t” nights (what it sounds like), a Leap Night dinner, and an open writing night.

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