Neutral Spaces, “Sequence of Masquerades” (read)

Foreign Fire, “Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19” (read + view the animations)

The Nature of Isolation, presented by the Spring Creek Project: “Volcanic Tuff” (watch)

Leaf Litter, “Going Beyond Surviving” (Volume 8)

Echolocation: “How to arrive in a place” (Volume 17)

Barnhouse: “Taking the Stage” (read)

The Oakland Review: “Left” (volume XLIV)

Quiet Lightning: “Trace” (read + watch)

Leaf Litter #7: “Morning in Front of the Mirror” (print only)

The McNeese Review: “Peripatetic Meditation”, “Rehearsal”, and “Prophecies at Albany Beach” (print only)

Quiet Lightning: “The Clearing” (read + watch)

Rinky Dink Press: “Switch”, a mini-zine (read an excerpt + buy)

Small Po[r]tions: “Sibling Ceremony” (issue 7, print only)

Leaf Litter #6: “An Archive of Lifetimes” and “Primary Nature”

Letters: “I’ve Knelt In a Lot of Places” (download PDF)

Profane: “Instructions For Flirting” (text & audio)

Rivet: “Found Letter, Collaged Back Together”

Writing Without Walls: a few poems in a chapbook and reading series (read and watch)

Up the Staircase Quarterly: “Etymology” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“A Conversation in the Columbarium”
“5 Bodies of Water I’m Obsessed With”

Quiet Lightning / sparkle + blink: read or watch “Dear California”

Voicemail Poems: “In Some Version of Your Life”

Superstition Review: “Four Poems”

Sundog Lit: “Decisive Moment, Three Ways”

The Susquehanna Review: “I Open My Mouth to the Storm”

Anderbo“Three Versions of Leaving”

In Bantam
“The trouble with desire and its siblings”
“In South India”
“A Bicycle Without Brakes”

“Confined in Bone, How to Be”
“The Weight Resting in the Body”
“In Praise of the Hard-boiled Egg You Slipped Into my Hand Before You Left”
“Five or six or seven smokestacks”
“Howls that echo from my hollow throat”
“Trailing Fence” (art)

Collision Magazine: “Letter to my jaundiced baby brother”

Print Oriented Bastards
“An Evening with my Brother”
“Ghazal for the Weekend in Cleveland”

Grub Street
“These everyday matters carry so much weight, they are hunched like archways”
“I Breathe a Sigh of Escape”
“I’m Tilting My Face Toward the Sky” 

Organic Magazine: “Tricks of Language and Departure”

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