A cool thing coming up / voicemail poems.

So I stumbled across voicemailpoems the other day (and by day, I mean really late night hyped up on caffeine and procrastinating on a editing deadline) and promptly called the number on the website and read a poem I wrote (read, had just finished editing) called “In Some Version of Your Life,” which seemed most apropos at the time. The uber-cool John Mortara and House Phillips run the site, which posts…you guessed it, poems left on a voicemail (and the accompanying text) every Monday through Thursday. 

I’m stoked to have my poem come out on Wednesday, January 8. Stay tuned!


monday, 12/30 – W. M. Butler
tuesday, 12/31 – Kimberly Tan
wednesday, 01/01 – Carabella Sands
thursday, 01/02 – Carissa Pignatelli

monday, 01/06 – Ryan Scott Fallon
tuesday, 01/07 – Valentina Salski
wednesday, 01/08 – Caroline Kessler
thursday, 01/09 – Joschua Beres

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