And I’m off!

You know the drill by now. Berlin, Copenhagen, Croatia…and then some crazy combination of buses and trains to make my way back to Warsaw by the 18th of August. 

Warszawa, do zabaczenia! See you later, see you soon!

Inside Warszawa Centralna, Warsaw’s main railway station. 

Text on one of the plaques: “Space and time travel machine. Machine that generates leisure time, spent together. You stay in the machine for an unknown time. You travel at your own risk.

Leftovers from Communist-era Poland

Me: I really like all of these green spaces in Warsaw.
Mladen, a Warsaw transplant: But do you see this path? (Gestures to a narrow dirt line running through the grass)
Me: Yes.
Mladen: You have to walk on this because the signs say it’s illegal to walk on the grass.
Me: Oh. I wondered why no one ever walked on the grass here.
Mladen: Yup.
Me: So where’s the sign?
Mladen: Oh, there’s no sign. Everyone just knows.

The best Sara I know (so good that she has TWO tumblrs) sent me the best postcard from Dublin. Because European mail is slow and Sara is fast (at leaving places), I had to send my reply into the netherland of cyberspace. Safe travels, Sara! See you back in the ‘burgh.