So *where* were you?

Another list! The places I actually ended up going…and the ways I got there:

  • Warsaw, Poland to Berlin, Germany: “express” train
  • Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark: overnight bus (with a pitch-black ferry ride too!)
  • Copenhagen to Split, Croatia: budget flight
  • Split to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina: bus
  • Mostar to Sarajevo, BiH: bus (but this ride was beautiful—rocky terrain, blue-green rivers)
  • Sarajevo to Budapest, Hungary: day train (11 hours!)
  • Budapest to Warsaw: overnight train (12 hours…with “couchette”)

It was a whirlwind…but a great one. A list of a few highlights soon to come. 

The Plan.

August travels, here we go! I am ticketed, registered, booked, stamped, signed, sealed, delivered…for most of the trip. As the end of July and the end of my fellowship nears, I’m getting ready to gallivant all over Europe (literally, all over) from August 1st to the 18th. Wahoo! Here’s the plan so far:

August 1: Depart Warsaw for Berlin via the lovely German rail system. Do zobaczenia! (See you soon, because yes, I will be back)

August 4: Say auf wiedersehen to Berlin and hop on an overnight bus to Copenhagen.

August 9: Fly the surprisingly cheap Norwegian Air to Split, Croatia. (Yes, Croatia, because it was cheaper than flying to the Baltics)


August 18: Noon-ish, fly the whirlwind route of  Warsaw-Paris-New York-Baltimore (thanks, Delta!)

Those … indicate that I will make my way back to Warsaw via train/bus/any-way-I-can-that-is-not-too-expensive-but-still-safe-don’t-worry-Mom. I’m considering places like Mostar, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava…anywhere that’s on the way! If you’ve got suggestions, let me know.