Post-Grad, Panic, Plans.

Me: If i could draw a graph of my panic about post-grad in relation to time, it would just be exponential.
Jessica: oh, sweety, I’m sorry
Jessica: It seems like there’s a moment when it hits and then you’re brain’s in crazy-hamster-trapped-in-a-drainpipe mode

A Letter to my Grandmother.

I promised fewer words, but sometimes I go back on my promises because I like to write things so much. I also promised lists & letters on the blog, so now, you’ll get the latter. Here’s an email I sent to my grandmother (Nanny) in reply to an email that she sent me.

Hi Nanny,

It is so great to hear from you! I just spoke with Mom & Dad last night, and they mentioned speaking with you briefly on the phone. It sounds like you and Poppy are keeping busy—and that movie about Gandhi sounds really interesting. I haven’t seen any movies in a while, except one entirely in Tamil (the language they speak here) a few weeks ago. It was an experience. The male & female leads don’t ever kiss—they might hug at the end.

Yes, it is hot and getting hotter here—I’m not sure what the exact temperature is and even if I did, it’d be in Celsius! But feels like mid-to-high-80s now. 

Classes are not too hard yet—I don’t think anything will be as hard as CMU, actually. They just started in earnest last week. I’m taking Spoken Tamil, The Idea of India in Literature, Christianity in India, 19th century British Fiction, perhaps one more Christianity class or a class about Indian philosophy, and then auditing French. It keeps me busy in the mornings, but I have some afternoons free.

I wish I could be there for Poppy’s birthday—we will all have to get together this summer when I return. What else are you up to these days? Is the weather quite bad?

Great to hear from you! Talk more soon.