Things I Miss About Europe.

There are a few…

Drinks without ice

Good cappuccino

Hearing different languages. Everywhere.

Well-dressed people

Thin people

Tax being included something’s listed price

Good public transit

Being in a different country within a few hours

So *where* were you?

Another list! The places I actually ended up going…and the ways I got there:

  • Warsaw, Poland to Berlin, Germany: “express” train
  • Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark: overnight bus (with a pitch-black ferry ride too!)
  • Copenhagen to Split, Croatia: budget flight
  • Split to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina: bus
  • Mostar to Sarajevo, BiH: bus (but this ride was beautiful—rocky terrain, blue-green rivers)
  • Sarajevo to Budapest, Hungary: day train (11 hours!)
  • Budapest to Warsaw: overnight train (12 hours…with “couchette”)

It was a whirlwind…but a great one. A list of a few highlights soon to come. 

It’s always fun when you have a plan…because it’s easier to deviate from it.

Elliot Onn, California dreamer, writer, researcher, adventurer, listener

Darjeeling vs. Varanasi

Darjeeling = cold, quiet, highlands, clear air, relaxed people, little hassle, rainy, amazing views of the Himalaya.

Varanasi = hot, loud, flatlands, smoky, aggressive people, lots of hassle from everyone, dry, holy, chaotic.

The similarities? Both have lots of tourists and tiny, winding roads that vehicles have trouble fitting through.

Needless to say, I miss Darjeeling.