Weekend Highlights.

So in case you hadn’t guessed from the map of nearly 1,000 miles that my friend Orie and I drove (well, let’s be real, Orie drove the entire way), we had some adventures this weekend. In the spirit of this blog of lists and letters, here’s a list of some silly things we did this weekend:

  • Drove through the night to sleep 6 hours in an overpriced (or rather, holiday-priced) hostel in Santa Barbara
  • Oyster shooters (a first for both of us)
  • A little (aka, a lot) of night hiking up Mt. Baldy
  • Brunch in Claremont, quaintest California college town
  • Attempted celebrity sightings at the West Hollywood Urth Cafe
  • People-watching and wading on Venice Beach
  • Sand-duning in Orie’s beat-up car at Pismo Beach 
  • My first time at an In-N-Out (they have TWO veg options)

Stay tuned for adventures in Boulder, starting this Thursday!