The Walnut Street Equivalent.

For all you Pittsburghers listening in (or just those who know Pittsburgh well enough), you’ll recall that there is a bustling little street called Walnut, in the heart of Shadyside. Walnut Street is full of brand-name stores (and a few boutiques as well), cherubic toddlers and their parents, sweatshirted college students, and the occasional busker.

Well, today I have found San Francisco’s equivalent of Walnut Street. Appropriately (and eerily!) also named after a nut, the winner is Chestnut Street. The most relevant parts span from Divisadero to Fillmore St.

A few of the places that are exactly the same on BOTH streets: Sunglass Hut, GNC, Apple Store, Starbucks, Gap, Williams Sonoma.

Other interesting finds: both have a mix of well-known clothing stores and little boutiques, small coffee shops (Pittsburgh’s Coffee Tree Roasters and San Francisco’s Coffee Roastery), a mix of restaurants, from Italian to Asian fusion, quaint delicatessens…the list could go on and on. But then we’d be approaching Twilight Zone, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we?