FAULTS: Thank you.

A massive thank you to everyone in San Francisco who turned out (and stayed late!) for the FAULTS reading and release party last Friday night. In case you missed it, or in your drunken debauchery forgot to take a copy, we have plenty left.

$5, free delivery in SF, add $1.50 for postage if you are outside of the Bay Area. Write to me (or leave a comment) if you want to mail a check, or send via PayPal or Venmo.

Thanks again to all of our contributors, and especially Sumeet Banerji for the layout and Sirima Sataman for her letterpress.

The making of FAULTS

We know, we know. You’re jonesing for an update about the next zine, FAULTS. You’re chomping at the bit for a sneak preview of this thing full of art, poetry, and prose, all bound together by hand. Actually by hand.

So here are a few photos of the time that Lulu and I spent at the gorgeous Ink Paper Plate Press, with its founder Sirima Sataman. Located in the heart of the Dogpatch, Sirima’s live/work studio space gets the best afternoon light and was a treat to play in. She was ridiculously generous with her time, materials, and knowledge, and we’re thrilled to have had her collaborate with us. Lulu and I printed over 200 covers by hand, as well as a few rainbow-inked posters for fun.

We’re releasing FAULTS in all its glory on Friday, August 16. Stay tuned for more info, or drop us a line if you want to be added to our mailing list: indexfist [at] gmail [dot] com.

Photo credits: Lulu Richter.

Habits of the Mouth: The Zine.

So you might have heard that three other friends and I made a zine called Habits of the Mouth…but in case you haven’t, here are some photos to whet your whistle! Lulu, Rebecca, Francesca, and I asked dear friends, scattered near and far, to send us their mouthiest prose, poetry, and art.

We put it all together in the little book you see here, hand-bound by the ladies-who-get-shit-done-themselves. We had a baller reading and release party last week, and are already brainstorming for the next one.

But what’s that? You want a copy? You’re in luck: we’re in the midst of our second print run, so we’ll have zines to spare. If you’d like one of these bad boys for a mere $5, drop me a line. If you’re local to San Francisco (or the surrounding Bay Area), we’ll hand-deliver it. If not, snail mail is no problem.

Around the Bays Tour.

This Saturday, some dear friends (above, stopped at Marin French for a quick cheese-and-champagne break) and I rode a bit more than a “century” (100 miles) around the Bay Area. Some of these more hardcore friends rode another century on Sunday. The sick route that Lulu devised is here.

Photo credit: Daphne Cheng

Lingus: The Zine.

Three dear friends (Lucy, Lulu, Francisco) and I put together a little zine we call Lingus, that challenges traditional ideas of sex, gender, and trying to navigate this world we call San Francisco as twenty-somethings.

We all wrote juicy content, Lulu made some killer drawings, there’s a photograph courtesy of Francisco, and we spent one night hand-binding 50 copies for people we love, who live near and far.

If you didn’t get a copy, never fear! We might do a second print run. If you’re very nice, you can ask for a PDF of the text, although it won’t really be the same experience at all, because contrary to shifting belief, some things are not available online.

(And for those in the audience wondering, what exactly is a zine? We’ve got you covered.)