Around the Bays Tour.

This Saturday, some dear friends (above, stopped at Marin French for a quick cheese-and-champagne break) and I rode a bit more than a “century” (100 miles) around the Bay Area. Some of these more hardcore friends rode another century on Sunday. The sick route that Lulu devised is here.

Photo credit: Daphne Cheng

Lingus: The Zine.

Three dear friends (Lucy, Lulu, Francisco) and I put together a little zine we call Lingus, that challenges traditional ideas of sex, gender, and trying to navigate this world we call San Francisco as twenty-somethings.

We all wrote juicy content, Lulu made some killer drawings, there’s a photograph courtesy of Francisco, and we spent one night hand-binding 50 copies for people we love, who live near and far.

If you didn’t get a copy, never fear! We might do a second print run. If you’re very nice, you can ask for a PDF of the text, although it won’t really be the same experience at all, because contrary to shifting belief, some things are not available online.

(And for those in the audience wondering, what exactly is a zine? We’ve got you covered.)

Amazingness in one weekend—car camping, beach combing, trim contesting, pizza eating, picture taking, story telling, fire making. Lucy’s wise words:


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Birthday weekend! Case, Caroline, Francisco, and Lulu joined me for a Tour de Extravagance up in Mendocino. Pizza, s’mores, camping, a mouse running across Francisco’s face, bodily emissions ranging from vomit to farts, long hikes, a pygmy forest, a waterfall, a devil’s punch bowl/blowhole, huge breakfasts, huge dinners, moderate-to-huge lunches, massage circles, a mid-traffic jam “sanitary napkin” change, and five people crammed for four hours into a truck really only meant to seat two — that all happened. Without a doubt, the best birthday of my life.

The Walnut Street Equivalent.

For all you Pittsburghers listening in (or just those who know Pittsburgh well enough), you’ll recall that there is a bustling little street called Walnut, in the heart of Shadyside. Walnut Street is full of brand-name stores (and a few boutiques as well), cherubic toddlers and their parents, sweatshirted college students, and the occasional busker.

Well, today I have found San Francisco’s equivalent of Walnut Street. Appropriately (and eerily!) also named after a nut, the winner is Chestnut Street. The most relevant parts span from Divisadero to Fillmore St.

A few of the places that are exactly the same on BOTH streets: Sunglass Hut, GNC, Apple Store, Starbucks, Gap, Williams Sonoma.

Other interesting finds: both have a mix of well-known clothing stores and little boutiques, small coffee shops (Pittsburgh’s Coffee Tree Roasters and San Francisco’s Coffee Roastery), a mix of restaurants, from Italian to Asian fusion, quaint delicatessens…the list could go on and on. But then we’d be approaching Twilight Zone, and we wouldn’t want that, now would we?