Signs of Reverse Cultural Shock.

1. I have to quell the urge to steal toilet paper from every public or private bathroom I enter.

2. I have to quell the urge to throw trash anywhere I want.

3. I have to quell the urge to eat with my hands.

4. Bobbling my head at someone, expecting her to understand its meaning of a silent thank you

5. Staring at people that, four months ago, I wouldn’t have glanced twice at.

More to come!

The things I do to get home.

1 sleeper train, Jaipur to Old Delhi Railway Station

1 autorickshaw, Old Delhi to New Delhi Railway Station

1 Express Airport Train

1 plane, Delhi to Abu Dhabi

1 plane, Abu Dhabi to New York

1 Airtrain, Terminal 4 to Terminal 2

1 plane, New York to Baltimore

1 car ride, Baltimore to Woodstock

Total: approximately 43 hours in transit

Lists to Come:

Things We Miss About India

Things We Don’t Miss About India

A Meal at a McDonald’s in India

Side notes, as Leah would say:

I had trouble using the utensils for all of the meals on the plane (a result of eating with my hands all the time).

What are the kids wearing these days?