Some new & old reading

profane journalI’m thrilled to be in the inaugural issue of Profane, a beautiful journal out of Mankato, Minnesota by the indefatigable Jacob Little and Patrick Chambers. They made this lovely print journal and put out an audio version as well, which includes the writers reading their work and discussing their creative process. You can purchase the print/audio version here or listen to the issue on Bandcamp. My poem is called “Instructions for Flirting,” inspired by a conversation I had with my friend Eliza at a 100-beers-of-solitude party (a spoof on the book and there were actually more than 100 types of beer).

And a little late to a different kind of party party, but if you haven’t read Robert Hass’ collection of essays What Light Can Do, you are seriously missing out, as I was for the past few years. It’s easy to read, hard to put down, full of intricate examinations of poetry, translation, art, spirituality, and more.