Book of Faces.

If you made a book that included everyone’s face in the entire world, how much would it weigh?

World’s current population: 6,967,598,508

For experiment’s sake, use thumbnail photos of everyone’s faces—6 faces to a page, 12 to a sheet (double-sided, we care about the environment, duh!). 

Sheets of paper required: 580,633,209 

There are 500 sheets of paper in a ream, so 1,161,266.42 sheets (let’s just round down, shall we?).

Apparently, a standard ream of paper weighs 5 pounds. So, that’s 5,806,330 pounds of paper.

Based on some averages of adult elephant weight (let’s just say 10,000 pounds, why don’t we?), the book would weigh as much as 580.633 elephants.

Let’s go!