Signs of Reverse Cultural Shock.

1. I have to quell the urge to steal toilet paper from every public or private bathroom I enter.

2. I have to quell the urge to throw trash anywhere I want.

3. I have to quell the urge to eat with my hands.

4. Bobbling my head at someone, expecting her to understand its meaning of a silent thank you

5. Staring at people that, four months ago, I wouldn’t have glanced twice at.

More to come!

Gmail Chat, Uncensored.

Elias: it’s also fucking hot in pittsburgh
like really hot

me: oh really?
i thought it was 75
thats what my computer says
its like 65 in maryland, it feels amazing
after 104 in delhi

Elias: haha ya I guess I can’t really complain about it being hot in pittsburgh
not to you atleast

me: yeah you really can’t
how hot is fucking hot?

Elias: probably low 80s. I don’t know I came inside after getting here and haven’t moved from under this fan since

The things I do to get home.

1 sleeper train, Jaipur to Old Delhi Railway Station

1 autorickshaw, Old Delhi to New Delhi Railway Station

1 Express Airport Train

1 plane, Delhi to Abu Dhabi

1 plane, Abu Dhabi to New York

1 Airtrain, Terminal 4 to Terminal 2

1 plane, New York to Baltimore

1 car ride, Baltimore to Woodstock

Total: approximately 43 hours in transit

Lists to Come:

Things We Miss About India

Things We Don’t Miss About India

A Meal at a McDonald’s in India

Side notes, as Leah would say:

I had trouble using the utensils for all of the meals on the plane (a result of eating with my hands all the time).

What are the kids wearing these days?

I was walking down the street in Mumbai and he placed his hand on my head and I thought, ‘oh my God, he’s going to bless me.’

Leah Raczka, advertising & photography major at Grand Valley State University

Darjeeling vs. Varanasi

Darjeeling = cold, quiet, highlands, clear air, relaxed people, little hassle, rainy, amazing views of the Himalaya.

Varanasi = hot, loud, flatlands, smoky, aggressive people, lots of hassle from everyone, dry, holy, chaotic.

The similarities? Both have lots of tourists and tiny, winding roads that vehicles have trouble fitting through.

Needless to say, I miss Darjeeling.

A Spectacle.

Me: Should we see if Austin wants to come?
John, an American in our program who owns a scooter: Well, that’d be three of us on the bike.
Me: Yeah, we can squeeze.
John: Three white people on a bike is like five Indians on a bike.
Me: You’re right. We’ll just go the two of us.