A Found Letter.

I’m writing this because I love you, even though I may not know you. RIght now, for a brief moment, we know each other and in this moment, we’re connected in some small way. Wherever your life goes, please don’t lose sight of what’s important to you. Hold onto it in some small part of yourself and please don’t give in. Please don’t tell yourself that you are unimportant, stupid, ugly, worthless. Please don’t sell yourself short. Your life is important to others. I hope that it’s beautiful. I hope it’s a life you’re proud of, that brings you quiet and contentment. I know that there are people who love you and circumstances that move you. I know you have the strength to find whatever you’re looking for, I know that if you’re lost or not proud of who you are, there is always time to change. Please don’t forget how important you are to me. 

—found in one of the many notebooks floating around Cherry Alley Cafe, the best place to get a cup of coffee in the beautiful Lewisburg, PA