Things I Still Do Because I Spent 4 Months in India.

Carry toilet paper everywhere I go

Steal toilet paper from hotel bathrooms (you never know when you might need it!)

Write my dates with the day first, then the month (i.e. 15.6.11)

Use military time (2pm is now 14.00 to me)

Use a smaller wallet (because all you really need is a wad of cash, a student ID, and a copy of your passport)

Carry a map all the time (because it takes me at least 1.5 years to really know a place)

Text using “T9 word” (because my cell phone is dumb, not smart, and this is the easiest way thing to do)

Am vague about where I come from (i.e. “America, the East coast”)

Talk about India

Convert prices back to rupees