Things We Won’t Miss About India.

Endless staring
Creepy men
Being hassled
The blistering heat
Certain smells (urine, feces, sewage)
Air & water pollution
Incessant honking
Dangerous traffic
Lack of garbage cans
Garbage fires behind our hostel
The India Post
Increased potential for food poisoning
Beggars touching us
Dressing modestly all the time
Sweating all the time
Feeling dirty all the time
Proxy servers & restricted Internet
Drunken (autorickshaw) drivers
How crossing your legs is a sign of disrespect
Terrible roads
People demanding tips
“Which country? Which country”
Vitamin & nutrient deficiency
Indian queues (or lack thereof)
Lack of rain
Having to drink bottled water all the time
Airtel spam
Hostel food
Hard mattresses

Sunbathing, Swimming & Salwar.

Me: Is the weather getting good in Pittsburgh?
Molly, a good friend from Florida, who goes to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with me: Was…but all cold this week. Highs like 40
Me: Ahh
Molly: Not terrible. But we had a tease week of 60s.
Molly: It got up to like 72 and the whole campus stripped down. It was hilarious.
Molly: How hot is it there?
Me: Haha I love CMU sunbathers.
Me: About 100. All the time.
Molly: Oh man. That’s crazy.
Molly: Hating it or loving it?
Me: Hating the heat. It was great for the first few weeks, when I knew it was freezing at home.
Me: But it’s just really hard to take. Like, imagine living in Florida with no AC.
Molly: I can only imagine. Sounds awful.
Me: Ha, yeah right.
That’s a good one.
I wade into the ocean up to my knees, with my clothes on.
But like, I would not wear a bathing suit here.
Molly: Hmm you need one of those like swim dresses
Me: Haha yeah
A lot of them wear their salwar kameez into the water.
Molly: Man. you’re so cultured now
Me: Ha, you don’t even know
I’ve been wearing the bindi a bit as well

Molly: Really? cool
Ps. i had to look that up
Me: Ps. i tried to find a google image to send you
But the internet was too slow.

Note: All temperatures listed in Fahrenheit.