Sunbathing, Swimming & Salwar.

Me: Is the weather getting good in Pittsburgh?
Molly, a good friend from Florida, who goes to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with me: Was…but all cold this week. Highs like 40
Me: Ahh
Molly: Not terrible. But we had a tease week of 60s.
Molly: It got up to like 72 and the whole campus stripped down. It was hilarious.
Molly: How hot is it there?
Me: Haha I love CMU sunbathers.
Me: About 100. All the time.
Molly: Oh man. That’s crazy.
Molly: Hating it or loving it?
Me: Hating the heat. It was great for the first few weeks, when I knew it was freezing at home.
Me: But it’s just really hard to take. Like, imagine living in Florida with no AC.
Molly: I can only imagine. Sounds awful.
Me: Ha, yeah right.
That’s a good one.
I wade into the ocean up to my knees, with my clothes on.
But like, I would not wear a bathing suit here.
Molly: Hmm you need one of those like swim dresses
Me: Haha yeah
A lot of them wear their salwar kameez into the water.
Molly: Man. you’re so cultured now
Me: Ha, you don’t even know
I’ve been wearing the bindi a bit as well

Molly: Really? cool
Ps. i had to look that up
Me: Ps. i tried to find a google image to send you
But the internet was too slow.

Note: All temperatures listed in Fahrenheit.