Always Look a Dog in the Eye.

This is my way of saying I am back from the bicycle trip (Seattle to San Francisco) and Lulu and I are making a zine about the trip. We’re calling the zine (you guessed it) Always Look a Dog in the Eye, after some terrifying encounters with those four-legged creatures in Washington State. We’ll include some drawings, maps, title story, notes from a first-time bike tourist (my piece), a blog post from our friend Ocean, and a few more surprises. 

Limited printing! Probably about 30 copies. More details soon.

Around the Bays Tour.

This Saturday, some dear friends (above, stopped at Marin French for a quick cheese-and-champagne break) and I rode a bit more than a “century” (100 miles) around the Bay Area. Some of these more hardcore friends rode another century on Sunday. The sick route that Lulu devised is here.

Photo credit: Daphne Cheng