Toto, I don’t think we’re in Pondy anymore!

This past weekend, our group traveled to Mysore & Bangalore for a few days, to see the malls and the Mysore Palace and the madness. We noticed some pretty distinct differences between our small, familiar home of Pondicherry and these new cities. Hence, this modest list:

You Know You’re Not in Pondy Anymore When…

You see a girl wearing a short skirt….and she’s not European (she’s Indian).
You see an Indian couple holding hands.
People wear helmets when riding their motorbikes.
Not everyone is wearing a mundu (the traditional, long skirt-type piece of cloth that men wear).
People wear shorts.
There are sidewalks…that you can actually walk on.
You see boars, pot-bellied pigs, and elephants instead of cows and goats.
People don’t automatically assume that you are French just because you are white.
The streets only have one name.