Oh, The Places We’ll Go, Redux.

So, the journey has already begun, but here’s the whole loop anyway:

Fly to Kolkata at 1.55PM on April 22 (with John and Austin)
Train from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri at 8.30PM on April 26 (with J&A)
Arrive early morning on April 27, bus to Darjeeling (with J&A)
Return to New Jalpaiguri to take train to Patna at 2.40PM on May 1 (with Austin)
Train from Patna to Varanasi at 5.30AM on May 2 (with Austin)
Train from Varanasi to Delhi at midnight + 40 on May 5 (with Austin)
North India tour with the group, Delhi & Agra until May 10 (with SIP group)
Train from Delhi to Jaipur at 3.05PM on May 10 (with Leah)
Train from Jaipur to Delhi at 8.40PM on May 12 (with Leah)
Flight out of Delhi at 5.00AM on May 13

Stateside in JFK the afternoon of the May 13. Oh, the magic of time zones & time differences.

The Epitome(s) of India.

A continuing list of moments that just feel like *India*, in all of its divine chaos.

1. Squeezing 5 girls into an autorickshaw, roaring down the ECR (East Coast Road) around 11pm, tail lights blazing in our faces. I got to sit criss-cross-applesauce on Alex’s lap.

2. With Nassi, sneaking into/being invited to the cultural program of the Microfinance Conference at the university here. The program was across the street, at a beach resort. Students performed traditional dances, sang songs in Hindi and Malayalm, played Beethoven on a keyboard—all with one or two days’ notice.