Signs of Reverse Cultural Shock.

1. I have to quell the urge to steal toilet paper from every public or private bathroom I enter.

2. I have to quell the urge to throw trash anywhere I want.

3. I have to quell the urge to eat with my hands.

4. Bobbling my head at someone, expecting her to understand its meaning of a silent thank you

5. Staring at people that, four months ago, I wouldn’t have glanced twice at.

More to come!

The things I do to get home.

1 sleeper train, Jaipur to Old Delhi Railway Station

1 autorickshaw, Old Delhi to New Delhi Railway Station

1 Express Airport Train

1 plane, Delhi to Abu Dhabi

1 plane, Abu Dhabi to New York

1 Airtrain, Terminal 4 to Terminal 2

1 plane, New York to Baltimore

1 car ride, Baltimore to Woodstock

Total: approximately 43 hours in transit

Lists to Come:

Things We Miss About India

Things We Don’t Miss About India

A Meal at a McDonald’s in India

Side notes, as Leah would say:

I had trouble using the utensils for all of the meals on the plane (a result of eating with my hands all the time).

What are the kids wearing these days?

Sunbathing, Swimming & Salwar.

Me: Is the weather getting good in Pittsburgh?
Molly, a good friend from Florida, who goes to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with me: Was…but all cold this week. Highs like 40
Me: Ahh
Molly: Not terrible. But we had a tease week of 60s.
Molly: It got up to like 72 and the whole campus stripped down. It was hilarious.
Molly: How hot is it there?
Me: Haha I love CMU sunbathers.
Me: About 100. All the time.
Molly: Oh man. That’s crazy.
Molly: Hating it or loving it?
Me: Hating the heat. It was great for the first few weeks, when I knew it was freezing at home.
Me: But it’s just really hard to take. Like, imagine living in Florida with no AC.
Molly: I can only imagine. Sounds awful.
Me: Ha, yeah right.
That’s a good one.
I wade into the ocean up to my knees, with my clothes on.
But like, I would not wear a bathing suit here.
Molly: Hmm you need one of those like swim dresses
Me: Haha yeah
A lot of them wear their salwar kameez into the water.
Molly: Man. you’re so cultured now
Me: Ha, you don’t even know
I’ve been wearing the bindi a bit as well

Molly: Really? cool
Ps. i had to look that up
Me: Ps. i tried to find a google image to send you
But the internet was too slow.

Note: All temperatures listed in Fahrenheit.

Travel Wish List.

In case you haven’t caught on, I make a lot of lists. One that I’ve constantly been writing and rewriting has been of all the places I want to go in India. But now, after finding out that I’ll be spending the summer in Warsaw, working as the Goldman Fellow at The Forum for Dialogue Among Nations, my travel wish list is quickly expanding. So, here are all of my travel desires for the next few continents I’ll be inhabiting:


Grand Rapids (Michigan)
San Franisco
New York

Berlin (again)