Book Editing

This work involves content strategy, high-level editing (often called “developmental editing,” where we look at the big picture, arc, plot, and overall message), and line editing. I frequently edit titles in the transformational nonfiction space, including health, wellness, and self-help.

My approach

There’s what your book is actually saying…and what you want your book to be saying. I’m here to close the gap between those two states, through editing and coaching that is highly collaborative, thoughtful, and creative. I hold the big picture of your book (or book proposal) alongside the details.

I’ve worked with subject matter experts to make their material more accessible to a wide audience; people of all backgrounds to unblock their creativity and create new work; and manuscripts at various stages to bring them closer to completion, including self-published books.

Selected books

Adam Smiley Poswolsky’s The Quarter-life Breakthrough – extensive writing coaching, developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting on first-time author Smiley’s self-published edition, which became a bestseller in its genre and led to a contract and re-issue with TarcherPerigee (an imprint of Penguin Random House).

Brendan Kelly’s The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis (North Atlantic Books) developmental editing for Brendan’s manuscript, clarifying complex material for a lay audience.

Sumeet Banerji’s novel Ice Party (Mushroom Books) and forthcoming nonfiction work One Hundred Percent – developmental and line editing on Sumeet’s first novel, which was an otherworldly love story in an unnamed city.

In progress: Billy Frazier‘s Productive Fumbling on career change and creativity.

I’ve also engaged with clients for ghostwriting. To learn more about any of these projects, to review an editing sample, or to receive a quote for your project, email me at hi [at]