A poem in Rivet

Rivet-cover-issue_3I’m really honored to be a part of Rivet’s third issue! My poem, “Found Letter, Collaged Back Together,” is alongside poems from four other awesome ladies. There’s also some rad fiction. Rivet, from Red Bridge Press, calls themselves “the journal of writing that risks” and I’ve definitely found that to be true in reading the work they publish.

My poem went through many iterations, first started out as a response to Melissa Chandler’s piece, “Considering They Lived,” over at Quiet Lightning; then there was a written-backwards version of that, an abandoned version, and a few others in between until it finally became a found letter poem, with some references to San Francisco.

In other news, after reading this amazing piece on LongReads, an interview with Berkeley-based author Julia Scheeres, I found her book at the library the next day: A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Hope, Deception, and Survival at Jonestown. The interview with Scheeres describes why we need to stop saying “drink the Kool-Aid,” which is offensive to Jones’ victims. The book is wonderfully crafted, suspenseful, empathic, and well-researched–a must-read about an important and misunderstood tragedy.