SF Stream of Consciousness.


Mission Minyon, Etcetera wine bar with too many women so we leave, Irish bar, Guinness, a plate of mac ‘n cheese that generously feeds three, loudness, rain, a ride home, detaching front wheels, empty mansions, early rising, fastest bicycle ride ever, Caltrain station, local train, slow train, downtown Palo Alto, coffee, coffee cake, old friends, memories, rehashing things, walking, walking, faster, palm trees, picturesque, nostalgia for college, mushroom burger, Walker Evans photos, walking, sunsetting, train ago, bicycle ride, maps, strangers, gathering, view of downtown, bicycling, Castro, Moby Dick, The Mix, not being looked at, the nicest people, $2 covers, dancing, dancing, Whitney Houston tributes, singing, bicycling, home, early again, The Haight, bicycle posse, French toast orgy at Kate’s, explorations, Bernal Heights, bicycling, how do you express yourself questions, weather changing, rain again, old different friends, real talk, bok choy, spaghetti, new friends’ roommates, bicycling, maps, home.