A Warsaw Weekend.

Another list, you say, another list! Hoorah. Here is a list of (nearly) all of the interesting places I went this weekend:

  • Pawilony, a hidden corner of dive bars, kebab stands, and Vietnamese restaurants hidden off one the busiest streets in Warsaw
  • Beneath a train station: a bar called Warszawa Powiśle. The line for the one toilet was 15 people deep and there were more hipsters than I could begin to count
  • A bar called Plan B (in English). More hipsters than previous two bars combined (difficult). We met the Polish equivalent of Lady Gaga, called Doda. Literally.
  • Brunch at Charlotte, which is conveniently next to Plan B, with these cool kids. They serve bread. And wine. That’s it. And it’s massively popular.
  • A swanky house where 10 American Marines live, for a toga-themed party. Think, upscale frat party with accents. 
  • A gay club called Delite. Enough said.
  • Across the river and back on a free bike tour.