Dear Austin.

(an excerpt)

And Poland—yeah, you can definitely live vicariously through me. (Side note—I have no one to influence my stretching and listening to hip hop and teeth brushing habits *cough you* but I have just downloaded Lauryn Hill’s entire catalog and will stretch before bed because I have been doing so much walking that my back is killing me). But it’s really different from India—so civilized and clean and people are so white. They really, really wait to cross the street because you can get fined otherwise, and there are open container laws (aka, you can’t drink in public) and the guys are really, really shy and the food is okay so far and there is coffee and vodka and beer everywhere, and often in the same cafes/bars (which is kind of great) and it is nice to be able to legally drink in another country. The whole not-being-with-a-program thing is good at times, but just makes it hard to meet people. So I am forcing myself out of the house and meeting some of the couch surfing community here and just going to things by myself and trying to people through work and such. And planning travel adventures. I’ll write more when I’ve been here longer—although it feels like ages—I don’t really have a sense for the culture so far, mostly because it is so restrained, which I think comes from the Communist era (which ended so recently, in the grand scheme of things).