Things I Have Eaten So Far.

While I don’t keep a food diary, I (strangely) have enjoyed recording what I’ve eaten on certain days while traveling. This was especially interesting in India, because there is so much ridiculous (and ridiculously cheap) street food, much of which is vegetarian. In Poland, this doesn’t seem to be the case. But, for better or for worse, here’s what I’ve eaten in my first few days of Poland:

pierogi with meat inside (plates accidentally got switched)
2 pierogies with cabbage, with the ham scraped off (it was really a meat-filled meal for me, that I remained surprisingly calm through. I think India has chilled me out. But no, the meat did not taste fantastic as all of you carnivores are I’m sure asking)
1 bowl of soup with potatoes & carrot
1 banana
1 bowl of gnocci with sage butter
1 mixed greens salad

2 cookies (leftover from the previous tenant)
1 scoop of chocolate ice cream
1 pizza florentine

2 hard-boiled eggs
1 banana
1 Clif bar
1 cappuccino (that I accidentally put salt into—and could only drink half of—who has salt at a coffee shop?)
Granola with milk/curd-like substance (the label is in Polish, naturally)
1 beer

Clearly, I am still adjusting to eating regular meals.