India by the Numbers.

Number of…

Mosquito/spider bites on my right foot/ankle: 14
Mosquito/spider bites on my left foot/ankle: 16
Times I spray myself with mosquito repellent each day: 3
Gallon buckets of water required for my daily bucket shower: 1.5
Chappati it takes to fill me up: 2
Pictures I’ve taken since I’ve been here: 231
Pictures Leah has taken since we’ve been here: over 1200
Blogs started by people in the program: 9 (out of 16)
Times a day my mom checks this blog: several (3? 4?)

Kilometers from Pondicherry University into town (“Pondy”): between 5 and 14, depending on who you ask
Rupees for a bus ride into town: 4
Rupees to the dollar: 45
Candy bars you can buy for 100 rupees: 10
Jars of peanut butter floating around the hostel: 16
Times it takes Alex to put an adapter in the wall: at least 3
Computer Centre IT guys that attempt to fix Alex’s wifi: 3
People that it takes to actually fix Alex’s wifi: 1 (girl)

Days we’ve been here: 20
Vowels in Tamil: 12
Consonants in Tamil: 18
9-year-old boys at our first surf lesson: 6